(PTP Part 2: Finalizing Grades & Analyzing Data.PDF)

Comment Verification | Manual Override | Adding Report Card Comments | Marking Final Grades Complete
Printing Comment Verification forms

PowerTeacher Pro:  How to Finalize Grades 

(Marking Grades Complete, Manual Overrides; Adding Report Card Comments; Printing Verification Forms)

Comment Verification
  • From PowerTeacher Pro, click on the A+ Grading icon (top left corner)

  • Select Comment Verification

  • Grades and Comments (from Comment Bank) may be added, viewed, edited, and check final grades completely.


Modifying Final Grade: (Manual Override)

If changes in final grade are needed (Manual Overrides):  Click on grade and percent #s to change as needed.  SAVE 






Adding Report Card Comments:  Comment Bank


  • Click the comment speech bubble icon

  • Click “Comment Bank” at bottom of comments window

  • Filter key words then select (+) to add up to 2 comments per student.  Click star icon by any comments you use often to label them favorite and they will stay on top of the list.

Marking “Final Grades are Complete”
  • Click Final Grade Status

  • Check the very faint box in the top right corner to mark the completion of the grades and click Save.

  • Add a comment for DM if desired. The comment is only visible by the data managers running the Section Readiness Report.

  • A green check will appear in the Final Grade Status box at the bottom of the page.

  • Click Save
    *Repeat for each gradebook/course

Printing Comment Verification: (browser > print screen)
  • Right Click
    Click Print

  • Press on keyboard:

Ctrl + P