ActivPanel VTP-65 Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Please note, the firmware upgrade should only be performed upon the advice of Promethean Technical Support and should be carried out by your IT personnel or your reseller. Failure to follow the instructions could result in the ActivPanel becoming damaged.

You will need: ActivPanel VTP-65

USB Memory Stick (Formatted FAT32, minimum 2GB) Firmware file

Ensure the model number of your ActivPanel (located on the serial number sticker) is VTP-65.

Continuing with the incorrect model number could cause permanent damage to your ActivPanel.

  • Download the firmware file (MERGE.bin) from the provided link and store it onto the root of your FAT 32 formatted USB memory stick.

Power off the ActivPanel using the power / rocker switch underneath the device:

Disconnect all cables except the mains power cable.

Insert the USB memory stick into the ‘MEDIA 2’ USB port, located on the left side

of the ActivPanel:

With the USB memory stick still inserted into the MEDIA 2 port, press and hold the power button on the front of the device:

Whilst holding down the power button on the ActivPanel, use the power / rocker switch to power the ActivPanel back on.

Whilst still holding the power button you should notice the button flashing alternately between green and red, continue holding the power button until the button turns solid red.

The ActivPanel is now carrying out the firmware upgrade. Nothing will show on the screen.

You can now release the power button.

If the power button does not start flashing green/ red, start the process again from the beginning.


*Caution – Do not touch the ActivPanel until the power switch has turned solid green and you see the Promethean logo on the screen.


When the Promethean logo is shown, the firmware upgrade has completed, and the ActivPanel will now turn on as normal.