Working in the PowerTeacher Pro Scoresheet

  • To access the scoresheet for one of your classes, first select the class you want to work with from the dropdown menu at the top-center of the page.

  • Click on the Grading charm and then click on Scoresheet.

  • The gear icon in the top-right corner has various options that you can explore.

  • You can enter grades using your keyboard like you are used to doing with PowerTeacher Gradebook.  Hitting the Enter key will move you to the next student.

  • If you are using a mobile device, such as a tablet, to enter grades, you can use the Score Inspector, which will appear to the right of the screen when you select a cell in the scoresheet.

  • There are two tabs at the top.  One is for the keypad area, as you see in the graphic above.  The speech bubble is the comment tab.  You can type comments there for the student’s assignment or select from the district’s comment bank.

  • Use the up and down arrows in the student field to move between students.

  • Use the left and right arrows in the assignment field to move between assignments.

  • Use the keypad to enter your scores for the student.  The Codes button contains district codes that you can use that will affect the student’s final grade calculation.

    • Special Codes and their grade values:

      • INC = Incomplete / Grade exempt

      • NHI = Not Handed In / Grade of 0

  • Below the keypad are several flag indicators you can use that will not affect the student’s score: Missing, Collected, Late, Incomplete, Exempt, and Absent.

  • There are two fill buttons.  The up and down arrow will fill the column with the currently selected information and the left and right arrow will fill the row (student) with the currently selected information.

  • You can also type a comment for the student’s grade in the box at the bottom of the Score Inspector.

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