How to Drop a Low Score

  • You can use this feature to drop a low score for each of your students.  Please note: this feature works “on the fly”.  As the lowest score changes, the dropped score will be changed.  It is recommended that you only use this feature at the end of the term to avoid confusion and questions from students and parents.

  • Click on Settings, then click Traditional Grade Calculations.

  • Click on the class you want to work with and then select the Reporting Term.  Click the pencil under the Actions column.

  • In the dialog box, click on the Drop Low Scores tab.

  • Choose which low score to drop: Drop Lowest Overall or Drop Lowest by Category.

    • Drop Lowest Overall will ask how many grades you want to drop from the term.

    • Drop Lowest by Category will ask which category you want to drop a low score from and then how many scores from that category to drop for the term.

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